How To Choose The Right Auto Body Repair Shop

Dealing with a repair of your car is never fun, but the fact is that most of us have been in those shoes. Many scenarios exist on the road that simply cannot be avoided. You can be the safest driver in the world, but it’s hard to predict the condition of the roads, the behavior of another driver or harsh weather conditions. On the plus side, you are in full control of fixing the damage your vehicle suffered.

The next 2 steps when choosing the right auto body repair shop is so important:

1. Factory Certified Body Repair Shop

You shouldn’t allow just anyone to work on your vehicle, regardless of how much damage it’s taken. When choosing the auto body repair shop, you have to take into the account if the shop is accredited and certified. That means certified and trained by the auto manufactures. Your luxury vehicle needs to be repaired according the factory requirements and with a highest standard possible.

DC Autocraft offers services only with the factory certified technicians that come with years of experience in collision repair. There are number of main causes of auto body damage: Collisions, weather conditions, negligence and fender benders. Our repair center will deal with any type of damage ensuring that your car is handled properly.

2. The original parts vs “Saving the money”

Often, we all try to cut corners. We all want to save money, but there is a catch. If you take your car to the first auto body repair shop that you come across, then you will quickly notice that repairs may need to be done again to fix the issue. Cheap parts and poor labor will end up costing you much more in the end. Choosing a certified body repair shop where things are fixed right the first time is the way to go.

This will save you from a world of stress and waste. Your car deserves better than to be treated as a quick fixer-upper.

At DC Autocraft, we take pride in our service.  Give us a call and get in touch with us for more information today. It’s easy! We also offer a complimentary estimate for your vehicle. No matter how small or large your repair may be, we have the services to get your vehicle looking better than ever before.

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Tesla Model S in the paint booth. It’ll be repaired back to factory spec soon!